January 02, 2008

11 technologies I'm watching in 2008 (no particular order)

The following are some services, devices, and applications that I'll be excited to watch over the coming year(s) as they evolve and add even more cool functionality

Android - which devices makers and carriers will jump on board?
Nokia MOSH - will it become more useful and integrated with new devices?
Dash Navigation (PND) - how cool is it and is it worth the price tag?
Nokia N95 USA version - will North Americans buy it?
ArcGIS Explorer - google earth on steroids?
GeoPDF - more support from Autodesk and others?
GPS integration with iPhone - maybe integrated GPS in iPhone 2?
Jaiku - with Google behind it will it overtake Twitter?
Nokia Research Sports Tracker - maybe rolled out as a commercial app?
WHERE (mobile widgets) - another contest and more cool location-aware apps coming?
N810 Internet (Linux) Tablet - Linux going mainstream finally?
I could go on and on but I'll stop with 11 items - 10 wasn't enough!

What are you watching this year?

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