January 15, 2008

Android, and the prepaid Mobile Model

Will a new business model evolve?? An interesting update on Google Android from PrePaid Earth (Australia). Through Project Android, Google and 30 other technology companies will offer the first complete, open, and free mobile platform aimed at accelerating innovation in mobile. It is aimed at offering consumers a richer, less expensive, and better mobile experience, and will change prepaid mobile billing and the way it operates. The prepaid mobile billing mechanism currently accounts for the charging and revenue collection of no less than 45% of all mobile phone calls around the world. In Q4 2008, citizens of the earth will be able to access $50 USD mobile handsets through this open source development which will result in a greater uptake of mobile hardware devices. The increase in mobile handsets will lead to a larger mobile and Internet audience on planet earth which in turn will allow Google to enhance its reputation and revenues as the biggest advertising and content distribution platform in the world. Google will deliver paid advertising to mobile devices globally. Google will in turn provide Android users with subsidized prepaid recharge credits. see more

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