January 04, 2008

Coming Soon... GeoExpress 7 with de-speckling and more

According to Seattle, Wash.-based LizardTech, the company will unveil the latest version of its flagship product, GeoExpress version 7 on January 28, 2008. Among many exciting features, GeoExpress will come equipped with a new "despeckling" tool that will enable users to create even better looking mosaics than ever before. This from the company... With this latest release, the company will also demonstrate how GeoExpress 7 fully complements LizardTech’s entire line of geospatial products with complete interoperability, flexibility and ease of use. A complete list of features and benefits will be available on January 28, 2008. Those interested are also invited to Join a webinar to see the benefits GeoExpress 6.1, Express Server 6 and Spatial Express bring to the managing, storage and distribution of digital content.

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