January 08, 2008

A complete GIS tutorial For Marketing - ESRI Press

The GIS tutorial for Marketing might be better named The GIS Bible for Marketing... those interested in the application of GIS and geospatial technologies and analysis for business purposes will have no need to look any further than this resource from ESRI Press. Weighing in at 400+ pages (about 12 pounds!) it's definitely a complete how-to for those interested in performing geographic analysis like site selection, direct mail marketing, and planning and implementing marketing, sales, and promotional strategies. The book falls under the category of exercise books, walking users step by step through real life business geographic scenarios, complete with ArcGIS and ArcGIS Explorer instructions, pointers to data, and more. Most data used come from the Community Tapestry lifestyle data that comes bundled with ESRI's business analyst products. Companion CDs with the book provide all the exercises, templates, and data. A second CD contains a fully functional ArcGIS 9 (arcView 9.2) 30 day eval. I could easily go on and on about this one so if Geospatial marketing and applications of GIS for business planning is on your list of things to do then check it out at Amazon or ESRI Press.

GIS Tutorial for Marketing (GIS Tutorial) by Fred L Miller (Spiral-bound - Jun 1, 2007) - Illustrated - Buy new: $79.95 $50.37

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