January 08, 2008

Cool Geo Shwag... a reminder!

I was reminded this morning from some readers about the cool shwag that's out there... several people commented on the Autodesk Red Deer jacket (see below) I was wearing in today's GISuser newsletter. Indeed some of that shwag is still around and getting attention (although that jacket had many Canadians wondering if I was from Red Deer Alberta!). Shwag is still alive and well and if you make it cool enough you'll get visibility for years to come! I have bags that I tote around all over the Globe, stickers on my Notebook that draw many looks, cool Lizards that I often snap photos of, and shirts galore, some very cool like the nifty Safe Software golf shirt that also get some decent attention... make sure you dream up some cool shwag in this year's marketing budget.. oh, and feel free to send some my way, I'm always glad to wear a "geo" hat, shirt or ??? in a photo that ends up on the desktop of thousands of people!

Remember the ADSK software, codenamed Red Deer? What year was that??

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