January 15, 2008

Garmin opens wallet to promote GPS to all

I noticed that one blog is commenting on the "buzz" starting about Garmin getting in on Super Bowl ads... no surprise that they will spend 7 figures once again (recall last year's ad with the Dinosaur aka. Mapasaurus)... however, I hardly think that the industry is buzzing about the fact that GPS devices or PNDs will be promoted on the February "Hollywood Bowl" once again (are you sitting around the office talking about this ??? likely not). Indeed Garmin has a Massive budget it would appear, obviously business has been good, REAL good... recall just a couple of weeks ago a full page ad in USA Today.
Of interest though is the fact that Garmin is essentially promoting the technology (GPS) and PNDs to Joe average and others like Trimble etc... are also reaping the benefits of Garmin's generous spending on consumer focused ads. Garmin foots the bill, informs people about cool GPS gadgets, and the consumer heads off to Best Buy, Amazon.com etc.. and then starts shopping for a good deal... all the players are winners... thanks Garmin!

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june bug said...

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