January 17, 2008

Google.org rolls out $25 million in new grants and investments

Google.org today rolled out five core initiatives that will be the focus of its philanthropic efforts over the next five to ten years. Today's announcement includes more than $25 million in new grants and investments to initial partners. Google.org joins a community of like minded groups working to make the planet and population healthier and more equitable. Google.org's five initiatives and initial partners include:

Predict and Prevent
Inform and Empower to Improve Public Services
Fuel the Growth of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Develop Renewable Energy Cheaper Than Coal
Accelerate the Commercialization of Plug-In Vehicles (RechargeIT)

About Google.org - Google.org, the philanthropic arm of Google, uses the power of information and technology to help people improve their lives. We develop and invest in tools and partnerships that can help bring shared knowledge to bear on the world's most pressing challenges in the areas of climate change, economic development and global health. For more information, visit http://www.google.org.

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