January 09, 2008

Home workers might consider SPOT messenger for 911 calling!

Interesting use of the SPOT location alert service from a home business perspective... ideal for any of you home contractors working from a remote area! Details as follows via foxbusiness news... Mike Brady, an outdoorsman working alone maintaining a seasonal lodge over winter, was rescued after using his SPOT(tm) Satellite Messenger to alert 9-1-1 of his predicament and location in a remote section of Alaska. Mr. Brady collapsed in minus 30 degree temperatures while working in a remote outpost in the Wrangell St. Elias National Park, one of the largest and most isolated parks in the state. This is the first documented rescue initiated by SPOT, coming only two months after the product's initial release. See more here.

Speaking of 911, in a related news item here in NOCO, I noticed a recent article where a resident in a neighborhood next to mine was having issues as to where his 911 calls were being routed. Turns out that we are in an unincorporated part of For Collins and right in the middle of 3 municipalities (Ft Collins, Windsor, and Loveland) all of which have their own fire departments. Apparently the routing of 911 calls is handled by your phone carrier and nowadays people here have local calling service, Qwest, Comcast, and then factor in Skype, Vonage and other VoIP providers... do you know where your 911 call is being routed???

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