January 21, 2008

Loopt - the first location aware developer program??

A reader brought this one to my attention and I have to admit I had to read over it a couple of times myself before deciding to post it... I'm still not exactly sure of the meaning! Last wee Loopt, a social-mapping and communication service, announced a new closed, Beta developer program. This next sentence is what had me wondering about the exact meaning... “We are thrilled to offer the first live location developer program that ushers in a new generation of context-sensitive mobile services,” said Sam Altman, CEO and co-Founder of Loopt. So, is it the first Loopt live location developer program or the first live location developer program? Also, what exactly is a live location developer program?? I know for a fact there are other devzones and developer programs that leverage the users' "live" location so this one has me wondering.

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