January 18, 2008

What Do Geographers Do? An Occupational Profile on Geographers

A common question.. no doubt you get loads of people asking exactly what it is that you do I'm sure! This comes from the Occupational profiles listed in Alberta Canada... "Geographers study the interactions between the distinctive, dynamic features and characteristics of the biosphere and of the human organization of activity within it. They may specialize in particular phenomena or regions at various scales of analysis... Geographers use laboratory, statistical, interview and field techniques to collect data. They often use computerized data analysis, geographical information systems, qualitative survey material or remotely-sensed imagery. For example, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Image Analysis Systems (IAS) technologies are used for planning and resource management." So if your a geographer there you go... apparently thats what you do in a nutshell! I've always gotten a kick out of the NAFTA TN schedule of acceptable occupations that lists the following as meeting their criteria... Geographer/Urban Planner... odd! What do you tell people you do? Are you a geographer or a GIS professional? I quite often say I'm a geographer, however, that's because I have a degree in Geography.

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