March 28, 2008

ArcDigita Aggegates GIS updates from the web

This comes my way via GISuser reader Ken, he's developed a news aggregation tool for neogegraphers and everything GIS at this from Ken - "I've developed ArcDigita out of a passion for geography and everything GIS and geospatial technology. I am especially encouraged by the new movement of 'neogeography' that has been made possible by great tools such as the Google Maps API and programming languages like AJAX, to name 2 of many, many examples.

There are a lot of great stories out there, and it's my hope that ArcDigita can aggregate the most interesting ones in a meaningful manner. The editors of the site are it's users, and they'll decide what gets posted, and what stays posted through an advanced voting system. Users can even comment on the news and have productive discussions on it's merits." Users register and can contribute their news updates (somewhat reminicent of BlinkGeo when it first started)
He's running a small contest through April where a user can win a $20 gift certificate to -

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