March 11, 2008

Fluid Earth, custom pinstripe topo Bowl - and a tip on the FME UC summary

Thanks (again) to Peter Batty for a very cool tip (actually he has many of them!) This one is a little odd and fun as Peter provided a pointer on his blog to a company that produced a decorative wooden topo representation of Vancouver - this was a gift to peter for keynoting the recent Safe Software FME user conference. Imagine being able to select an area of interest using a Google maps app, then viewing the region as a 3d elevation surface, then having that area carved (in 3D) asa a custom, wooden, decorative bowl! The company, FluidForms, can custom create a wooden decoration that represents, in 3D, any area that you want. You can custom order your Fluid Earth Strip Bowl online by specifying a location (using a Google Map), then adjust/fine tune your location, then order. Quite impressive. The final product is quite amazing and be sure while your there to check out the Java applet that enables you to view your "bowl" in 3D - it's awesome! A standard size Blow is roughly 300x300x65mm although custom sizes can be ordered. Thanks for the tip Peter, I'm sure the bowl will look great in your office! You can custom order your or simply test the bowl app online. FYI, this tip was discovered while reading Peter's very lengthy and interesting summary of his 2 days at the FME user conference.

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