March 27, 2008

Live Traffic camera feeds made simple via TrafficLand

I received an update this morning from TrafficLand describing their latest offerings in the Portland, OR area. Curiosity got the best of me and I had to check out the resource. Turns out to be one of the coolest traffic information aggregators that I've come accross to date. A simple, free registration enables me to browse all the camera feeds and start adding favorites to my bookmarks and even embed the camera feeds into my website or blog (see below). The extensive list of camera feeds enables access to cameras from most major cities in the US as well as a few cities in other countries. To my suprise Fort Collins was listed as well as the areas along I-70, west of Denver, infamously known for heavy traffic and some wild weather. Selecting a city brings up thumbnails of popular cameras, a google map showing locations of the cams, and weather updates from Weatherbug. With the latest updates from Oregon, users can also view the ODOT traffic cameras by Web-enabled cell phones and PDAs via the company’s fee-based AirVideo service... This service is definitley a must use for me the next time I plan a trip through the mountains to the West Coast... great stuff! See

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