April 30, 2008

10-day predictions of path and intensity of hurricanes and tropical storms

This one comes out of the insurance industry as Guy carpenter has announced a new forecasting tool - WSI LiveCat Forecast. According to the company, WSI LiveCat Forecast is a service for the insurance marketplace that provides accurate 10-day predictions of the path and intensity of upcoming hurricanes and tropical storms. Beginning on June 1, 2008, for each named tropical storm or hurricane, WSI LiveCat Forecast will issue:
Track and intensity forecasts for each named tropical storm or hurricane, twice daily, up to 10 days out; Landfall probability forecasts that are dependent upon storm-specific track uncertainty rather than historical error statistics; Weather forecasting skill comparable to or better than the National Hurricane Center. And get this, WSI LiveCat Forecast is available either online or via GIS shape files. More info here

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