April 21, 2008

Create your own mini planet of geospatial feeds

Are you familiar with Jaiku? If not you might like to check out their tools. the company, owned by Google has some great offerings enabling users to mobilize and share their content, feeds, photos etc... I've been a member/user since way back but one feature I haven't used much is the Channel option. It enables me to create a channel - in this case called Geospatial. I add a description - ie. an aggregator of GIS and geospatial feeds. Then I hand-pick the feeds that I want to keep tabs on. Much like what James has created with the awesome Planet Geospatial, however, this lets me hand-pick only the feeds I want to watch (maybe there's feeds on PG that I don't care to watch, or feeds that aren't showing up etc...) , heck, I can even add Planet GS to the list of feeds since they have an RSS feed to sniff out. I can also add photos via feeds from updates. Jaiku then offers handy widgets for posting onto a blog or website - see right-sidebar. It shows the latest Jaikus to the channel. Finally, the cool part of Jaiku is that people can become members of the channel and comment on the feeds updates for all to see. Also, the app has an excellent mobile app so you can easily take your feeds with you - Jaiku actually has been heavily promoted and used by the Finish smartphone user community and is a popular Nokia/S60 application. Check out what you can easily do, see the geospatial Channel at http://jaiku.com/channel/Geospatial and if you want your blog feed added tell me about it.

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Google Mapping Blog said...

very very nice your Jaiku channel :-)
Do you have an invite for Jaiku, please?