April 14, 2008

DotHomes Real Estate Mashup + Google Street View and more

DotHomes is yet another real estate mashup, however, this app (which I wasn't familiar with) has really harnessed the potential of the Google Maps API. It also answers the question, "What is Google going to do with all that street view imagery gathered from residential areas"? The app is simple but VERY effective for those searching for real estate. Simply search an area of interest, then when a hit comes up you toggle and view detailed info on individual listings bu clicking the familiar Google map bubble icons - I think a custom icon (like a little house) would make the app look much more professional. But here's what gets cool, users can click the "street" view option and get a view of the property as if they were standing outside, heck, you can even "walk" down the street! USers can also upload video of a property directly to the service! What a fine job on this one. Finally, the search service enables users to search using a slightly different criteria than most real estate portals as users can enter a simple string like "Denver, Co 4 bedroom under $350K". With yet another great tool for the house hunter I have to ask myself yet again... What the hell do we need realtors for??? Better yet, why are we still paying these guys 6% in commissions... whatajoke! - See http://www.dothomes.com

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