April 22, 2008

Going green on earth day

Happy Earth day all... hopefully you're kicking in and doing your part to reuse and recycle... if not, perhaps you will after the barrage of news and earth day tidbits that you'll see and hear about today. Earth Day has always been a fun day in our household... for several years we made a trip to Pensacola, FL for the event when we lived down South... the community put on an excellent educational event and to this day we miss going there. Still, we no celebrate in different way but we're more focused on the environment than we used to be. Some of the things we're doing regularly:
- combining trips and driving less when possible
- using cloth grocery bags
- changed out all the heavy-use light bulbs to energy efficient models
- changed all the shower heads to energy efficient models (huge savings)
- using rechargeable batteries
- watering the grass less (heck, the dogs will ruin in eventually anyway!)
- turning off the gas fire pilot light for several months out of the year (huge savings)
-unplugging cell phone chargers when not in use and turning off computers at night
- recycling more by taking trips to the county recycling drop off
and much more
Have fun today! What are you doing? See also http://www.earthday.gov/

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