May 07, 2008

The Autodesk Experience tour - check out AutoCAD 2009 and more

Once again, Autodesk is going on the road and bringing the Autodesk Experience tour to a city near you. This is a good opportunity to see what's new in the 2009 application suite and ask questions from the developers and resellers. The following stops are scheduled.

May 13 Detroit, MI
May 14 Toronto, ON
May 28 Denver, CO
May 30 Houston, TX
June 5 Montreal, QC
June 10 Anaheim, CA
June 12 San Francisco, CA
June 17 Chicago, IL
June 19 Vancouver, BC
June 24 Calgary, AB
June 26 Edmonton, AB


1 comment:

Rene said...

Well, I never heard of this before. However, it's worth looking into what it is and what it' got in store. So, good work with this post and thanks for the heads up!