May 23, 2008

Comms down for a bit and update from Windsor, CO tornado

Sorry about the lack of updates but my comcast has been down since yesterday and isn't expected to be back up for a bit due to the tornado that hit about 1.5 mi east of where I am. All is cool, although the beautiful little town of Windsor, Colorado looks a total mess! Luckily loss of life was minimal here but people are pretty shaken up. Everyone seems to have a story, mine is that my wife was in a salon on Main St in Widsor huddled in a bathroom while the tornado passed and destroyed buildings about one block from where she was... needless to say she was pretty shaken from the experience. The car looks like it was parked on a driving range as a result of the hail... a few picks are posted on my flickr. Anyway, more to come later and indeed we have a renewed respect for the power of mother nature. Once again communications were a story around here as people turned to their mobiles to try and communicate with others around them. Later, hopefully I'll be back up and running soon. Later... Thanks to all the emergency responders around here for doing a great job - this is an amazing community!

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