May 21, 2008

Crime Analysis Summer Institute

I was asked to pass this along... The Departments of Geography and Psychology at the University of Regina are hosting the 4th annual National Summer Institute (NSI) for the Statistical and GIS Analysis of Crime & Justice Data from June 22-28, 2008. The NSI is an intensive, hands-on workshop that covers advanced topics in statistics as well as an introduction to crime mapping with GIS. Participants should have some background preparation in statistics, such as a university course, however, no background in GIS is required.

The NSI is open to approximately 40 participants from across the country, including academics, researchers, graduate students, and practitioners in the field (such as police, justice workers, etc.). The only cost for the NSI is a non-refundable reservation fee of $150 ($75 for students). Funds are also available to help subsidize participants' travel and accommodations (based upon need). In addition, inexpensive newly-constructed university housing is available to keep costs to a minimum (approx. $47 per night). More details and a registration form can be found at

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