May 17, 2008

Finder! organizing geographic data, extending GIS to the GeoWeb

more cool technology from Where2.0 (ya I was there in row 1) was announced from Sean Gorman of Geocommons. Sean informed us about a new featuer currently being rolled out in Beta - Finder! Finder! extends teh functionality of Geocommons, the way cool crowdsoursing service used to serve and explore large structured Geo data sets. Using Finder! you can search common topics (I tried Sports facilities). Once found, you can then download as KML, SHP, or CSV file. Making it even more useful for the casual user, Finder! results can be easily viewed using Google Earth, Virtual Earth, or Google Maps - think Integration of your GIS data with the GeoWeb. Way to go Sean - see below for the gmap results of my search. See

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