May 27, 2008

GeoEye-1 is Gearing Up For Launch this summer

A reminder that GeoEye-1 is Gearing Up For Launch this summer - Save the date, on August 22. the GeoEye-1 Satellite Imaging Sensor is Scheduled to Launch From Vandenberg AFB, CA, perhaps you might be in the area over summer? GeoEye-1, developed and launched by GeoEye, will be capable of acquiring image data at 0.41 meter panchromatic (B&W) and 1.65 meter multispectral resolution. GeoEye-1 will also feature a revisit time of under three days, as well as the ability to locate an object within just three meters of its physical location. This newly developed sensor will also be optimized for large projects, as it will be able to collect over 350,000 square kilometers of pan-sharpened multispectral satellite imagery every day. See more details on the launch here. See also

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