May 06, 2008

Get your Geo Shwag!

Some big conferences are coming up and perhaps you or your company is thinking about offering up some cool Geo-Shwag... maybe a coffee mug, cap, computer bag, or a koozie. Here's a pretty decent resource I found that has some very decent prices - check it out, and don't forget about yours truly when you dole out that shwag! See
- A koozie is decent shwag and its light for shipping!
- you can never have enough pens and those cool light-up pens are sweet
- computer bags are cool but costly. If you do that one make sure you get a cool design or the bag will simply wind up at the goodwill. To date the Adobe Max bag 07' and the Autodesk Backpack notebook bag are likely the best I've seen
- coffee travel mugs are nice but many people have about 20 already. If you do this, go ceramic!
- mouse pads... Yawn... say no more!
- a keychain is old fashioned but not done enough IMHO
- T-shirts are way cool but a bit costly. Lately I really dig the long sleeves (I've seen cool ones from Navteq, GTG, and SMS txt). If you collect T's and have a closet full, start grabbing size S and get the kids to wear em!

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