May 22, 2008

Good data, good fences, and who owns what

A tip on an article by Peter Huber in the latest Forbes... Who owns what? From the article - "The next big web thing is a vast network to answer that question... The private sector (with a big boost from government surveyors and military satellites) now has the dirt-space mapping and locating well in hand. Mayors and governors should now be scrambling to digitize every scrap of information already stored in their dirt-space registries, along with every administrative and judicial record that addresses related rights. Federal agencies should do the same for the vast expanses of land and sea that they own, lease and manage, and for the many regulations that affect private dirt-space, too. Rules are needed to standardize the registration of every significant claim of interest. The objective should be a system so wired that courts won't enforce any claim that isn't digitally recorded and linked to every sliver of dirt-space it targets."

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