May 01, 2008

Manifold marketing to KML users ... wow! Hard to resist those Google ads

I guess I wasn't surprised to see that is promoted via Google ads, although it has to be the first bit of marketing I've ever seen for Manifold - nice to see Dimitri crack open the wallet and push the product as recently seen in Google adwords - although oddly promoted as "The ultimate KML tool". Hey, they may as well grab all the attention they can get from the Google Earth hype since everyone else is doing it. Indeed Manifold seems to be a very fine app although many people seem to think (including yours truly) that one of the main reasons it hasn't taken off "big time" (I'll let you decide what that means) is the lack of marketing - the cheap price tag could also be working against it as well. Please don't take this as a negative look at the product, at $245 Manifold is likely still the best bang for your buck you'll find anywhere for a full-blown GIS, the ultimate KML tool though? You be the judge I guess.

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