May 27, 2008 - a new, Community mapping mashup

An interesting new social mapping community has popped up over at Developed by a team from Down-Under, MapMe enables users to map and share their experiences via maps, video, textual comments and more. the application is powered via the Google Maps API. From teh developer team... can be used to create anything from travel guides for any entire country, or a detailed view of a specific street. The maps can be personal (and private if required) or community based (where content is moderated) or a complete free for all (where anyone can contribute). Hopefully these various map 'types' will give map creators enough flexibility to adjust the way that other people view and relate to the maps they create. Thanks to John McCann, developer, for the tip on another great app! To get rolling, simply create an account and start making a map - the create community map feature is way cool. See

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