May 09, 2008

NOCO GIS User Meet, Loveland, CO - Mobile GIS

It was good to get out of the office and meet some of the local GISers yesterday as I spent the afternoon at the city of Loveland' s HQ for a GIS user group meetup. This group meets quarterly (roughly) and discusses who's doing what and has special speakers to entertain and inform. Yesterday's meet was focused on mobile GIS. Apparently after polling attendees at the previous meet-up, the topic of mobile GIS was on most people's minds, thus the focus of this meeting.

The meet had a strong ESRI flavor as it was sponsored by ESRI - several staff from Broomfield organized the meeting and shared with us details of the ESRI Mobile GIS solutions, from ArcPad to ArcGIS mobile. We heard from the city of Fort Collins about their mobile code enforcement plans for citing/managing infractions on the local by-laws. the team uses ArcPad and Dell Axim PDAs (wow, haven't seen them in years!!) on the upside they plan on updating things this fall with some spanky Panasonic Toughbooks - a tip, those Axims make great paper-weights! We also heard about ArcGIS 9.3, ArcPAd 7.1 and we got a good primer from Ryan Smith of ESC on what to look for when setting up and purchasing mobile GIS equipment (hardware, software). Finally, we heard that ArcGIS 9.3 "might" be coming on in June and the next NOCO GIS Meet up is planned for August 14 at the city of Loveland.

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