May 15, 2008

Notable moments at Where2.0

Just returned from Where2.0 and have some catching up to do and a ton of notes to go over - I had no notebook as she packed it in the day before I left... nice! Regardless, here's a few notable quotes and items of interest that I picked up on during some of the sessions and found to be worthy of sharing.. enjoy!
- Government should focus on services
- Be nice to civil servant (particularly if you want free data!)
- It's of the web not just on the web
- we have no idea of the business model - A familiar theme at the event!!
- Nokia is building a platform for innovation
- The geoWeb is spreading
- 8 hours of YouTube video is updated every minute
- GPS is the #1 request from consumers
- buildings are consuming 71% of our electrical energy
- the grade for America's infrastructure = D
- Fire Eagle is a bet on the future
- ArcGIS Server will have a strong focus on KML
- GeoTagging is hard to do
- Geonames is getting it wrong
- Many web developers just don't get Geo
- more than 50,000 map mashups have been developed using the gMaps API
these are just a few interestingtidbits from Where2.0

Adrian Holovati at Where2.0

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