June 23, 2008

Datamap Intelligence housing market snapshots

An interesting new data product for the real estate professional... Datamap Intelligence has created a unique application that creates customized comprehensive snapshots of the entire new housing market across the United States. The application is powered by an extensive dataset that tracks all new home sites of the top 200+ builders (updated bi-monthly). Detailed search options place the interactive map of choice at ones fingertips. Cutting-edge features provide powerful visual analysis benefits which affords businesses the ability to expand to uncharted sites and stay inform about prime developing areas pertaining to their line of business. See Datamap's application at www.datamapi.com which would allow one to perform a query to obtain desired results. the company has also JUST rolled out a new resource via www.nsdmaps.com where users can sample data via free SHP file download.. indeed this is a way interesting data product!

So, how does it work? NSD Maps aggregates new street / housing location data from hundreds of builders. The kicker here is that the service doesn't wait until new streets and residential communities are added to official city or county base maps. Rather, NSD Maps tracks the precise location of the planned development and provides accurate imagery and vector data of the "under construction" developments so they can be immediately added to an existing basemap. Have you ever driven around a new or under-development community only to have no up-to-date street data appear on your map, PND, or other location-service provider? See more


Ryan Arp said...


A big caveat to this type of data is that they seem to only be working with 200 homebuilders across the country--most of which are likely only the public builders. This gives you a great snapshot from 100,00 feet but any investor or person entering a homebuilding market is going to want the local builders as well. I have to wonder how this firm is faring against MetroStudy, Hanley Wood, RL Brown, etc. who track similar information that are modeled the same way..

In Phoenix, there are several local guys that are doing this level of analysis with all of the builders in the marketplace and are doing similar mash-ups. Data is king right now.

Ryan Arp said...

Another comment on DataMap--they do have a lot of competition: MetroStudy, Hanley Wood and RL Brown to name a few.

The NSDMap stuff is also interesting, but I have to wonder aloud if they are using site plans that are bubble plans from sales sites of public homebuilders assuming these are in active subdivisions the sites would have final plat approval with their respective municipalities? Interesting RtoV conversion stuff going on here but bubble plans are often a little off on the georeferencing side of things and in some cases could there be distressed subdivisions that get sold partially developed or left as paper lots that get re-planned as their plat expires? Could be an interesting lesson in this marketplace.

Jason Woods said...

Datamap has 75% coverage of all new homebuilders (regardless of builder size) in the US and 95% coverage in Canada. We are currently moving into the Australian market as well. We expect to have 100% coverage of the US by years end, at which time we will integrate “all” builders into our application.

We don’t view MetroStudy, Hanley Wood, RL Brown, etc. as direct competitors being that they are restricted to “markets”. If one would want a full picture of any given area they would need to purchase multiple markets at a very high cost. Datamap offers a “snapshot” of any area across the US at a rock bottom price. We don’t have any “markets”. If there are builders building homes then we are tracking them.

NSD Maps is the freshest “one stop shop” source for the most up to date new street location data. Our new street data is not available at any of the available mapping sources! The displayed site plan is just to give one a sense as to the layout of the subdivision. We do not use the site maps to create the street centerlines/shapefiles, rather utilized a collection of data to obtain an exact highly accurate geospatial image. Please feel free to download a sample at http://www.nsdmaps.com/sample-datasets.asp. NSD Maps monitors each and every developments and is aware of it status (weather build out or closed down) at all times. I hope this answers your questions/concerns. Jason