June 09, 2008

More on marketing 101 - the simple text PR release

A tip for those of you that have a need to distribute PR releases to media outlets. If you send your PR electronically, like most companies do, and you find a need to send your news via a Document (MS Word, Works etc..) or even worse, via PDF (why people send PDFs is beyond me), then make sure you also simply copy and paste a simple text version of the PR within your email. I'm sure you'll find that the interest in your news will increases dramatically. Oh, and if you decide to send your PR as a ZIP file with docs, images etc... forget about it - I doubt if anyone will go to the effort to look and see what you've sent them. Also remember, include a SHORT title and contact info, and make sure your news actually is news (sorry but the fact that you just hired a new GIS analyst or tech isn't of interest to most).

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