June 13, 2008

Texas Forest service Wildfire Data Browser Demo

Interesting to see this Virtual Earth Application demo for the Texas Wildfire service aka. the Texas Wildfire Data Browser Demo. Developed for the Texas Forest service, the app has been built by Data Transfer Solutions (DTS) with the help of Sanborn (correct me if I'm mistaken please) - the DTS crew (think Dave Bouwman and Chris Spagnuolo) appears to be aggressively working on applications developed on ArcGIS Server, Virtual Earth, and Google Maps (naturally!), you've likely heard of them, if not I'm sure you will! Browse the app and use the layer toggles to view fire locatyions, wildfire threats, surface fule hazards and more

See the Wildfire Browser here and the very cool DTS Code Dojo (what a freaking awesome name!) http://dojo.dtsagile.com/

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