July 11, 2008

iPhone 3G Still Lacking some key features

Besides the fact that I'm already locked into a T-Mobile plan that is serving me well (well, it's ok!) there's a few key features that iPhone 3G should have...
expandable memory card slot (like a Micro SD)
video ( in this day and age no mobile video... come on, you gotta have it)
5 mega pixel digital camera is a must (currently comes with a 2 MP)
spotty 3G coverage
costly monthly plan - you'll be dropping $1000 easily this year on your iPhone 3g
Hang tough and I'm sure I'll come up with a few other key features. The real kicker with iPhone 3G though is iPhone 2.0, the software upgrade that enables mobile application developers to create apps for this platform... its the apps man, that's what will be killer! Think about it, with this great UI and nice, large screen you can now easily read the New York Times from cover to cover on a phone.. try doing this on any other device, your eyes will likely bug out of your head by page 3! Check out LBSzone.com for details of just a few, new, cool LBS apps running on iPhone 3g. Any thoughts???

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Anonymous said...

I like the design and concept of the iphone... but i have many complains about it... like it doesnt make sense that you cant copy/paste text or even photos... I turned off the auto-correction feature which sucks..

Another big turn-off of the iphone is the incapacity to run several appz at the same time.. you can't load a msn clone appz while you go surf on the buggy safari.. it's one application at a time :( :( I think that ANY Os would work just as fast as the iphone if it'd allow just one appz at once... So it doesnt make impressed of "osx" at all.. when you compare with windows devices where you can chat on msn while playing with the gps and surf the web and so on...

You can't use your iphone's connection on your laptop (which you can do from most Windows device) ..

I'm also not impressed by the battery.. used to be better on the v2.. even after turning off blue, wifi, 3g and brightness... it justs doesnt last long