July 09, 2008

Nokia’s WidSets mobile widget platform

A tip from my friends at Nokia... Nokia now offers free downloadable, standalone widgets enabled by Web Runtime Technology (WRT) for the latest S60-based devices. The new widgets are available on widgets.nokia.mobi.

Some of the features:

WRT makes it easy for anyone with Web development and design skills to create mobile applications. Developers can port desktop widgets to WRT with very little effort — using existing authoring tools.

WRT supports standard Web technologies (html, Ajax, JavaScript, etc.), which opens up a whole new range of possibilities for social networking and location based services.

The new Nokia WRT widgets use the same service back-end as Nokia’s WidSets mobile widget community to optimize content for mobile environments, so the operations end of the equation is taken care of.

See widgets.nokia.mobi and test for yourself

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