July 01, 2008

QuincyFloodInfo providesd information for the Mid-West flood of 2008

This comes to me from Shane in the Mid-west... Mid-West GIS, Inc, out of Quincy, Illinois recently developed the website www.QuincyFloodInfo.com in order to gather information for the flood of 2008 on one website. The site hosts weather, river gauge, photos, maps, archives, webcams, and contact information for assistance. During the crucial periods of the flood, more than 1,000 hits per day were being logged. It became a successful tool for many local residents, business owners, and government entities that needed updated information on a daily basis. It is the plan of Mid-West GIS, Inc. to use this same technology in the future for other disaster and emergency management issues. For more information you may contact Shane McDermott at shane@mid-westgis.com or (217) 222-7793.

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