July 10, 2008

Will location be the killer app creating mega line-ups for iPhone 3G?

No doubt you've witnessed the start of the iPhone 3G hype, expected to climax tomorrow (8 AM) when the device is available to the public.
I've found it interesting, but no huge surprise to see that location, presence, GPS, however you want to refer to it, is the expected killer app - likely enabling Apple to easily outsell the 6 million iPhones that were sold last year - I bet that number easily surpasses 10 million with 3G! Notice the recent images in USA Today showing, what else, maps. Check out the iPhone 3G homepage and when you browse around you'll find loads of nifty images showing iPhone maps.
Finally, just today, one of the first announcements for an application available to iPhone 3G users via the Apple iStore will be WHERE - recall WHERE’s widgets delivers content based on the user’s current location and provides the ability to show this content on a map, get directions and easily share the location with friends.
Gas Buddy widget from WHERE as seen on iPhone 3g
Starbucks store locator widget from WHERE

Expect to see loads of other cool location-aware apps hitting the iStore very soon like locr, slifter, earthcomber, cellspin, geospot, taxibus, boopsie, lightpole, etc... Are you planning on lining up for iPhone 3G?

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