August 22, 2008

Are you having iTunes or iPhone woes?? You likely are not alone

Seems that problems just keep on plaguing Apple device users. It seems these days that if you fire up your iTunes and connect an iPod you simply don't know what's going to happen.. will you be able access your music, will the music be there, or ??? Looks like iPhone users are having some fun as well. Case in point, check out these comments from a couple of unhappy users...

"Yesterday, I noticed from my iTunes that Apple had recently released 2.0.1 for the iPhone. I downloaded the 240-megabyte update. A little while later, I received an unknown error 6 and the update aborted, but not until after it had erased my phone. So for the second time in the past couple of months, my phone became a brick. My impression is that Apple can't cope with the success of the iPhone and the demands it puts on their engineering and support organizations."

"Yesterday I took my second iPhone home after the first one wouldn't hold a charge. This one charged and worked fine, except for one thing. I noticed last night that it had Cube Runner and Facebook apps installed--something I know I did not download because I haven't downloaded ANY apps yet. I also found somebody else's bookmarks on this iPhone. At some point in the Apple chain, someone clearly made a decision to put a returned/used iPhone back in the box, seal it and try to pass it off as brand new."

these are but a couple of comments you'll find floating arond concerning the device. Have you had issues or do you love all things Apple??

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