August 13, 2008

BlueMarble Geographics Shift Happens and some fun images from last week's ESRI User Conference

A few memorable images from last week's ESRI User Conference. I managed to capture several hundred images at the event (see also the flickr), however, here's a few images of some of my favorite fun things from the week.

My vote for most innovative booth goes to the guys from Digital Data Solutions (DDS), Denver, CO. There's no doubt the booth and all the give-aways were very cleverly thought out... kudos guys! FYI, the crew has just listed an interesting career opportunity for a Senior Account Exec.

It's great to see the job boards being packed with opportunities.. heck, our GISuser Job Board has been rocking all week too with loads of new opportunities!

The plenary session is always one of the most memorable days of the event and this year's was no exception. After listening to Dr Peter Raven it really hit home how rapidly we are altering the environment.

The guys at BlueMarble Geographics have to get the prize for the coolest Shwag at this year's ESRI UC... the "Shift Happens" T was definitely a hit.

There just never seems to be enough time to spend in the map gallery!

Petco Park was one of my favorite places to throw one back!

The Strip Club is one of my favorite stops in the Gaslamp where you grill your own steak (or tuna like I did)
On the map gallery floor I really enjoyed this poster.

After a long night in the Gaslamp I always enjoy strolling past Dick's on the way back to the hotel. you never know who you might meet there late in the evening!

It was nice to be able to pass out several hundred of the new business cards.. hopefully you got one!

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