August 02, 2008

It's time to head off to San Diego for the 2008 International ESRI User Conference

This will be my final post until I hit San Diego, although I may offer up some Pings (see for a cool social networking app) via mobile en route. Should be another great event. I'll attempt to post coverage via several web services. Here's details of what I mentioned in the newsletter the other day.

GISuser founder, Glenn As usual, I plan on having loads of articles and summaries published when I return, however, this year I'll also be posting real-time updates via my favorite Web2.0 applications. If this interest you then save this newsletter, bookmark our ESRI UC news archive, and please be sure to visit my mobile apps at: Flickr (photos from San Diego); Twitter (shorts tweets of my thoughts and comments); Blogger (blog postings from seminars and sessions); Qik (real-time video interviews and updates); Vimeo (video uploads if there's an issue qith Qik)YouTube (more video clips, likely not real-time); GISuser Forum (I may re-post blog threads online here). Obviously, these apps will depend on technology behaving the way I would like it!


More on the UC... the following are a few tips that you may find useful to help get prepared. The ESRI UC Blog where you can hear directly from ESRI staff. Don't forget about the pre-conference seminars: of note, ArcGIS Server for .NET Developers (Sat), Fundamentals of GPS and Integration with ArcGIS (Sun), and Using ArcPad 7.1 for Mobile GIS (Sun). Never been to an ESRI UC before? Then definitely register for a free orientation so you can make the most of your week. Trying to be Green? Interesting to see that ESRI has a green ride program for the event - Find a colleague and share a ride! Finally, if you see me at the conference, feel free to tap me on the shoulder and say hi... I always dig meeting up with our readers. After business hours you might find me in the Marriott lobby or around the pool, on the patio at Dick's, chowing down on Pizza by the slice (directly across from dick's), or maybe at the YardHouse or an Irish Pub enjoying a half & half! If I don't hook up with you, have a great week in San Diego or enjoy our coverage. Want to connect with other conference goers, check out this LinkedIn Group or this Facebook Group.

PS: Good Luck to the 13yr old Fort Collins Cubs at next week's Triple Crown World Series in Steamboat Springs, CO... I'll be in San Diego and missing my son's first ball game of the year! GO CUBS...

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