September 15, 2008

the green thing

Something we heard about last week at OpenLab was an initiative called the green thing, a community that encourages people to be a little bit greener. We even had group discussions on mobile technologies and suggestions that might be useful in the future to help us all do the green thing a little better. See more at
see also the green blog at


Whatley said...

I LOVE Doing the Green Thing.

Have been doing it for AGES.

Glad you like it too... :)

gletham Communications said...

yep, I'm getting that way too! Eg... my neighbors all run watering sprinkler systems EVERY day or night... I water once a week by hand and have a lawn just as nice and green as all of them (almost) I use about 20 gallons of water to their 20,000 each!!! go green dude!