September 08, 2008

Preparation for Nokia OpenLab 08, Finland

Well, I'm getting prepped for my trip to Helsinki Finland to take part in the inaugural Nokia sponsored Open Labs 2008... a networking / brainstorming session including workshops to discuss mobility, geospatial enabing technologies, social networking, and anything somewhat related to these topics. A total of 35 of us have been invited to take part with most people showing up Thursday, myself and 3 other workshop hosts will arive a day early. I'm gearing up to moderate/host, etc... my session titled ‘The Connected Life’. It will revolve around attendee views of how location aware technology will develop in the future, and will involve concepting future solutions for geospatial services. Should be fun! Workshops will be run by the following individuals:

Workshop: Neighborhood
Facilitator: James Whatley

Workshop: Business/Work
Facilitator: Chris Moore

Workshop: Entertainment
Facilitator: Anne Toole

Workshop: Connected Life
Facilitator: Glenn Letham - ya that's me!

I'm still sorting out some of the social networks and blog tools that I'll take advantage of. These will likely include:

Twitter -
Qik (Video)
Jaiku -

I'll be posting to these services via a trial Nokia E71 smartphone.. way slick and my first QWERTY smartphone! To prep I've installed shozu, twibble, jaiku, qik, yahoo! go, boopsie view ranger (with Helsinki maps), locr, zonetag (Yahoo!), gmail, gsearch, google maps, and loaded up a few tunes as well!

Also, a flickr Group Page has been created at

I'll be back Sunday night... have a great week all!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn! It was good to meet you today!