October 20, 2008

Mobilize your website or blog in minutes with Mippin

ever needed a nice mobile-friendly place to send your web traffic? There's loads of tools, gadgets and widgets out there but this one is way cool and way simple! Mippin enables you to easily mobilize pretty much any website that has an RSS feed. You can test it out using their online emulator at mippin.com - simply enter a website url. Then you get to see what the mobile version looks like and are also provided with a url of the new, mobile friendly website. Very nice! Below you see this AnyGeo weblog as it appears on the emulator as well as a screen shot of the actual mobile site as it appers on my Nokia N95... nice!

This blog as it appears using the mippin emulator

Mobile friendly blogsite as it appears on the N95
My mippin site as it really appears on the N95 8GB

Once you've finished you can save your test site with a proper mobile url and even customize the look and feel. I saved my new mobile site as http://mippin.com/anygeo
Mippin even offers up a friendly little blogger logo as well - see mine to the top right!

1 comment:

Whatley said...

Glad that you're a fan. You know I used to work there right?

Check mine out at http://mippin.com/whatleydude

..of course.