October 01, 2008

which Smartphone would you like - Poll Results show Nokia N95

I recently posed a question to our readers... I asked, Which Mobile Device / Smartphone Do You Want Next?

If you could upgrade your mobile device next month which way would you go?? From roughly 100 responses the results are in:
  • iphone 8.8%
  • Bold 7.7%
  • G1 20%
  • N95 33.3 %
  • dont need 5.5%
  • Other 3.3%
  • S60 other 20%
I was somewhat surprised to see that 1/3 of the people responding suggested they would opt for the Nokia N95 - nice choice, that's my device of choice at the moment! Very interesting to see that "other" was very small and the "S60 Other", like perhaps a very slick N96, N82, or a nokia E70 got 20% of the vote. iPhone came in way down, no surprise there and the soon to be released G1 from HTC got 20%... excellent! Thanks for the feedback


Anonymous said...

what a bunch of geeks, talk about function over form..... N95 is so big and chunky

gletham Communications said...

it is a bit large, however, that's never been an issue for me and I've been a user for almost 2 years. Given that it has more functionality than any of the other devices mentioned its a no-brainer trade off - this device does everything - hence the poll results!