May 07, 2007

Looking for an audience for your mobile app? Think like a kid!

How's this for a stat... 50 to 70 percent of 12- to 14-year olds have their own cell phones (in the US)... more important, this demographic is savvy, like to explore, and will consume data... definitely key in driving ARPU. So, if you have a mobile app think about the kids and target them... I'm still waiting for a fun, and clever mobile app that will integrate moblogging, friend sharing, photo AND vide capture, and maps, all in one SIMPLE to USE application. This is almost possible if I had a Nokia N95... but realistically, how many of us are in the market for yet another $600 cell phone?? Oh, speaking of phones.. if you happen to score a new N95 and are stuck on how to get the data and apps off your old phone and onto the new one then check out solutions from oxygen software.

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