August 29, 2007

The 8GB Nokia N95 - GPS, loads of memory, now games!

Rumors of the 8GB Nokia N95 are not exagerated. I have to admit, info about this device is tough to locate on the Nokia website although there are many images posted in the press area (no wonder people have a hard time buying this awesome device!) I wish I could tell you more about the availability on this elusive device, however, if you have a Nokia shop near you (New York, Chicago) you might see this cool device for sale. Like the traditional N95 its a quadband World phone, complete with integrated GPS, loads of cool apps to leverage you location information and memory - lots of it. With the supported 8GB card (supplied with this one) you can store all kinds of apps, videos, music and as of today you can try ALL the N-Gage games for free! N-Gage has matured from a device (mine got stolen from my car a couple of years ago - want some games??) to a platform. More on the 8GB N95 can be found (I think) at or (see also the N95 support site) - actually, has a page devoted to this unit, however, it doesn't appear to be available in the US yet... sorry! A tip.. Nokia, to sell even more of these units maybe bundle some integrated GPS supported apps on the deck that work without the need for doing loads of research, for example, send and MAP the photo to flickr, Google maps (like a MyMap) and try a couple of cool colors like Pink and maybe even a "Trimblish" yellow with a ruggedized, grippy shell.. that would sell! This device appeals to mobile field force workers and outdoor enthusiasts, maybe try marketing to them!

The 8GB Nokia N95 (Source: Nokia)


Mars Sjoden said...

I notice you have a love affair with the N95, that's cool, we all have our gidgets.

Any experience with the Mio P550? Looks like a pretty slick device, a little worried about the fact that it runs a Microsoft platform though, how are they coming along with stability, ahm relative to say something stable... is there a stable platform out there?

gletham Communications said...

well, you need to think about what you want to do with your device.. phone, txt, email, web, photos, music, video, TV. There's a device that is best for each purpose. If you want to do all those things then Nokia smartphones (S60 3) like a N75, N80, or N95 are hands-down the best. Nokia's also have the best cameras and a great developer environment in S60 so there's tons of apps. Be leary of the carriers.. they are actually competing with the device makers now and can't market worth a damned. They push devices on Joe Public that they want to unload and make money from... oh, they also want you to consume data and pay $$$. There's some great devices out there from Nokia, RIm, and sony ericsson, tehre's also loads of crap like the Motorola razor and many others. OF note is to be aware of locked devices which can't be migrated to another carrier and beware of contracts as well. I'm partial to Nokia smartphones but the reason is obvious... hands-down they make the best product, the OS is far superior, there's tons of apps, and the price is right... oh, and they work!

Anonymous said...

the gps functions is cool!