April 10, 2019

10 Reasons to Include Video in your Marketing Mix

Video is hot, really hot, however, many businesses are reluctant to add video into their marketing mix. The reasons are pretty simple. Most businesses that are avoiding video think that video marketing is too expensive, hard to figure out, takes too much time, and doesn't result in ROI. All of these things are far from the truth! Creating video may seem difficult, however, it’s really not. With some careful planning, a business can generate ideas that produce many hours of video content.

So, why consider video content? Here are 10 reasons:

  1. Stats show that video is growing in usage year-over-year and not just for companies with a large ad budget. 
  2. Videos are proven to attract and engage your audience
  3. People want more video! Guess what the #2 search engine in the World is... yup, it's YouTube! 
  4. Memorable videos are engaging and create trust.
  5. Video is an extremely powerful medium to assist in making a decision to buy
  6. Adding a video front and center on your homepage or landing page is a proven strategy.
  7. Video helps reduce your website bounce rate and thus helps build Google page ranking
  8. Video also indexes in search - think SEO!
  9. Videos are easily repurposed over many of your marketing channels (Youtube, facebook, live feeds, web)
  10. Share your best content in video. If you spend hundreds of hours creating a case study, article, or putting on an event, be sure to generate video around that content. If it worked once it will work again in video format! 
Bonus Tip - videos have been proven to be more easily shareable. Facebook and LinkedIn have been upgraded with added support for embedding video.

Example. In the past, I've created articles about creating and distributing your PR (for example, this one on tips for creating a PR). An article or blog is great, however, I've also provided these tips using video (See https://youtu.be/-m5_aR5-kF4). This is an efficient and fun way to share the same materials, however, it is much more engaging!

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