April 11, 2019

Creating Story Maps with ArcGIS StoryMaps Beta

Do you enjoy creating Story Maps? If so, there's something new for you to explore, the Story Maps Beta. The new, Beta resource offers a completely new experience, new UI and new look and feel of your maps. You won't find all the pre-defined templates that you might be used to in the original Story Maps, however, you will find a more modern, block-style editor that enables you to create clean maps that are even more mobile friendly.

I spent a little time testing out the Beta system and was pleasantly surprised. It really is easy and nice to use and the experience is in line with the development of all the ArcGIS apps (like Web AppBuilder and Survey123 etc...). If you've authored blogs using the new Wordpress Gutenberg experience this will look familiar to you! The story map below is a bit of a trial that shows you a new look Story Map - jump directly to the map HERE

Story Maps are a fabulous way to create compelling data visualizations and are an ideal fit in any company's marketing mix!

Read more about Story Map BETA HERE

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