January 24, 2006

Canada Federal Election Map of Results Available

For those of you interested in seeing a map of the Canadian election results, see the Globe & Mail interactive map at http://www.theglobeandmail.com/elections/fed2005/fragments/results/fedMap.html. The app reveals vote breakdown by province, clicking a province provides more options and shows results by riding - along with a more detailed map. FYI, want to know how much power the province of Quebec has... the Bloc Quebec party (you know, the dudes that have visions of separating and starting up their own country...  elected 51 representatives to Parliament (51/287) with only 10.5% of the popular vote. Contrast this with the NDP who elected only 29 members with 17.5% of the popular vote... amazing! The Conservatives won the election (no surprise there) and will form a minority government... once again several more years where the opposition yields more power than the government so don't expect much to get done.

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