January 23, 2006

More Imagery added to Google Earth

From the official Google weblog (http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2006/01/new-year-new-imagery.html) word of improvements to the imagery in Google Earth and Google Local. New additions include the addition of  extensive 6-inch imagery for many parts of the U.K. and they've also updated the Google Local database to match the coverage they have in Google Earth (nice addition!) Finally, the addition of two more zoom levels in Google Local's Satellite mode... meaning you can see much more detail in areas where the imagery is high enough in resolution. They cite as an example, people standing at the gates of Buckingham Palace are now visible! See http://local.google.com/local?q=buckingham+palace&ll=51.5015,-0.141387&spn=0.001386,0.002916&t=k

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Frank Taylor said...

Actually, the new data they are referring to for the UK was the imagery they added to Google Earth a few weeks ago. This announcement is just that Google Local can now see the new data already in Google Earth, plus the two new zoom levels in Google Local.