January 22, 2006

Common Census maps sports fans by geography - see maps of Sea Hawk and Steeler fans to gear up for the super bowl

The CommonCensus Sports Map Project is an offshoot of the common census project that tracks sports fans across the US. Static maps for a number of sports are color coded to show fan areas. Of interest to me this week-end was the Clickable NFL fan map. Click on a map to draw a 200 mile fan area circle. Then a table is presented showing the breakdown of fans (from a sample) that turn up in that region. Of interest - the map I tested for the Seattle area shows SeaHawks were the #1 team (292 fans), followed by Denver Broncos, then Green Bay Packers. Interesting that Carolina Panthers were dead last with 1 fan in the sample! Note, common census sports fan project shows stats collected from some 16587+ fan votes and includes maps for NFL, NHL, MLB. See www.commoncensus.org/sports.php - static maps are updated every few days and online, clickable fan maps are always available.  This innovative project enables sports fans to view sports fan areas and view maps from a variety of sports inlcudin NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and NCAA... very slick and fun!

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