January 23, 2006

Canadian Election 2006 Mashup Map

It's election day here in Canada so we need to find some cool maps, right? Historical maps are easy to find but real-time election maps etc.. are more difficult. Some useful resources:  The Potent Pew offers up a pretty decent projection which is highly likely... http://potentpew.blogspot.com/2006/01/canada-election-2006-jan-21-seat.html. Also, preliminary results on election night will be displayed from 10:00 p.m. (Eastern Time), as soon as the last polling stations close on the West Coast and in Yukon at 7:00 p.m. (Pacific Time).  Official tallies can be found at http://www.elections.ca/ and see also this useful prediction from Angus Reid - http://www.angus-reid.com/elections%5Fcanada/index.cfm. Leave it up to a clever masher from Ontario to come up with the Canadian Election 2006 Mashup - see http://election2006.kekova.ca/.  This is a great site that provides a bubble for each riding along with a prediction and links to more information (like where to go vote) as well as election results.. kudos to the developer (Chris Nolan of Toronto, Canada) of this one! Be sure to click the link for real time election riding map! A weblog to help stay informed of developments is also available at http://kekova.ca/articles/category/election2006

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Morris said...

I have always enjoyed voting because of the strange characters it brings out of the woodwork.

You have crazy environmentalist, who can't afford a haircut or razor (or won’t get one even if he/she has the money). That's my favorite crazy because they are mostly limited in scope to places they can walk, or bike ride. Sometimes they will dust off the old hippie style van that pollutes more then today’s modern SUV, and venture out to protest trivial issues like deforestation, and the greenhouse effect. Most of the time these are people who are dissatisfied with their career so they try to put blame on large corporations that have denied them the promotion they so “badly deserve” all these years.

Then you have rich housewife, who feels it is her civic duty to vote, and looks in disgust at all the “common” people who have shown up at her place to vote. Usually she votes because she feels it is in her financial interest to do so. I hate this type the most, because they are the most difficult to put in their place. The typical upscale housewife spends very little time in the kitchen because they have an illegal Mexican to do all their chores (usually named Rosa or Maria). They don’t understand the value of a women’s place. This type of person will also head “fundraisers” for causes that get “ohs”, and “ahs” from people like “save the whales”, or “feed the starving children of Africa”.

Then there is your average joe or jane, who has a genuine interest in politics for the country as a whole, and isn’t in it for personal or financial gain. I really hate this type of person also because they are not the least bit selfish, and care about the welfare of others.